Grade 7 – IXL: An innovative way to teach and learn math

Today one of our amazing math teachers introduced his grade 7 math class to IXL. IXL is an online tool that allows students to practice their math skills through interactive math questions. The site allows the teacher to monitor the student’s progress and provides assessment data. The students were immediately engaged in working on math questions through the site and were motivated by tracking their progress. Pedagogically, this is a sound tool that can be used for homework and gives students a large data base of questions to practice their skills. The site also provides detailed explanations to the students when they get an incorrect answer. We noticed some students doing rough work with paper/pencil before answering, others were copying and pasting the explanations into word documents to make a complication of notes for future study purposes and other students who struggled with a particular question worked collaboratively with a classmate. Mr. Barry is the mastermind behind implementing IXL and I’m excited to see how it progresses throughout the year and within other grades!

Photo Oct 03, 9 54 34 AM

Photo Oct 03, 9 54 46 AM

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