Grade 7 and 8 – Creating Learning Scenarios Through Bitstrips

Over the past few weeks a variety of teachers have utilized bitstrips as a tool to develop learning. Bitstrips is a fun, user friendly online tool that allows students to create comic strips.

Students in grade 7 used bitstrips to reflect on their Camp Ooch experience. They chose a developing characteristic (e.g. risk taking) and developed a comic strip of themselves at Camp Ooch depicting a scenario in which they experienced character growth. The students created avatars, chose background images, layouts and add speech bubbles to explain their story. This was an opportune way to encourage student reflection.

Students in grade 8 used bitstrips to develop examples of safe procedures in the science lab. Students went from learning about science safety to then creating their own scenarios depicting what they had learnt about best practice in the lab. This was a perfect example of students applying their learning to construct a tangible artifact using technology.

Photo Oct 11, 11 54 36 AM

Photo Oct 11, 11 57 27 AM

Photo Oct 11, 11 59 30 AM

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