OneNote for Teaching and Learning

Physical Education

OneNote is a powerful tool for organization, creating compilations and taking notes which can be used by both students and teachers. Our amazing P.E. team of teachers have integrated OneNote in grade 7-10 P.E. classes for students to document their fitness testing. They designed and developed the OneNote fitness log to incorporate various physical tests, goal setting and comments. Students bring their laptops to class and document their activities as they finish them. These logs will carry on with the students as the progress from grade to grade and can be shared with their parents.


Long Range Planning:

In another example, one of our incredible art teachers uses OneNote to organize and document her long range plans. She has a binder for each grade and each binder contains dividers (sections) for each unit. The pages within the dividers contain the topics covered in each lesson. She has also embedded screen shots, powerpoint slides, student handouts and her own class notes into the lesson pages. She adjusts these pages as the lessons change and can update her class schedule as the term progresses. What a great way to stay organised and to maintain dynamic long range planning!

Grade 8 Art Overview

Grade 6-8 Design and Technology:

One of our very creative design and technology teachers has ask his students to create their own design and tech journals. These journals include dividers (sections) for the four stages of the design cycle (investigate, design/plan, create and evaluate). The students then document their progress within the design cycle during any project in D&T. For the first project called the egg drop (students design a device in which to carry an egg safe to the ground after being dropped from a great length) students will investigate designs online and will embed videos and URLs into the investigate page of the journal. Students will use their tablet features to draw sample designs as well.

one note screenshot for tech1

onenote grade 8 design and tech

Impromptu Use:

One of our fabulous science teachers created a valuable lesson for students regarding animal and plant cells. Her students used a paper pencil task to write and draw about their knowledge of cells. One of her students chose to draw her cell representation using OneNote and tablet functions. By encouraging various tools to be used in class, this student was able to demonstrate her creativity in the way she felt best helped her communicate. The lesson was also supplemented by an interactive gizmo module about cells.

onenote screen shot from grade 8 science

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