Grade 10 – Differentiated Mathematics Learning via OneNote, Youtube and Digital Textbook

One of our creative math teachers has been using a variety of tools to develop lessons that encourage students to learn at their own pace through multiple intelligences. She provides students with OneNote binders that include notes and questions within various math students. When she is going to be away, she does a screen capture and voice over on the OneNote file and uploads it to Youtube. Students can then listen to the lesson and watch sample problems and concepts being demonstrate. They can then answer questions from the digital textbook. The brilliant part of these types of lessons is that students are able to learn through visual examples, auditory explanations and then practice by doing. One student pointed out that the YouTube videos are beneficial as they allow you to “learn at your own pace”. What a creative and highly effective way to encourage students to learn math!

Photo Oct 26, 10 08 49 AM

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