IBSO Professional Development

Last week I attended an IBSO PD event. The ICT session I took part in included a look at the new PYP role of ICT document. ICT in the PYP is about teaching and learning with technology. Harnessing collaboration and communication (global and local connections) through technology is ideal and key as well as using technology beyond its basic function. Effective ICT practice allows for differentiation, modelling for inquiryconnection to concepts and developing a variety of skill sets.

The presenters provided us with a table called “Criteria for the Effective Use of Technology”. I believe this table could be very useful in determining the effectiveness and appropriateness of technology integration in the classroom. We never want to be “using” technology for the sake of using it or because we have it at our finger tips. It should be purposeful and meaningful in its approach to learning and teaching.

Criteria: DOES IT… Yes No
Enhance student collaboration?
Encourage greater interaction with the issue/content?
Support differentiated learning through the use of various modalities?
Create greater efficiency in the delivery of the lesson?
Allow for less bounded resources to be used (beyond the text)?



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