Grade 2 and 11 – Formative Assessment using Senteo Clickers

Grade 2

One of our amazing grade 2 teachers, used Senteo clickers with her students to gather data on their understanding of the Communities unit. She created a quiz with ~10 multiple choice questions regarding the topic and students answered using their clickers. After completing the quiz she took up the questions with the students which promoted rich discussion, review and analysis. This was a great example of gathering assessment data to better learning and teaching!


Grade 11

Our incredible economics teacher used the Senteo clickers during a grade 11 economics class to assess students’ understanding of supply and demand topics. This lesson also served as a great review for the students. After each question, the teacher showed the class the pie graph demonstrating the students’ results to discuss the question and answer. This generated great questions from the students which promoted rich discussion. In addition, the teacher drew diagrams and formulas on the SMART board to aid students in thinking about the questions. The students were engaged in the lesson and a number of them took additional notes for their study purposes. This lesson was a great way to incorporate hands on technology to gather assessment data and encourage students to think about their learning and understanding.

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