Grade 11 – Using GoSoapBox in MATH Class

One of our very talented math teachers tested out GoSoapBox today with his grade 11 math class. This tool is an online portal in which students can gain quick access to their class to post discussion questions, answer quizzes and take polls. His class is currently operating under a flipped classroom and hence his students are encouraged to use the discussion board to post questions while they watch math videos for homework. Students can also “like” a question in the discussion area to indicate they have the same question. This gives the teacher an opportunity to easily assess overall class understanding and provides a means for rapid / interactive discussion. During class, students tested out the discussion board, answered a short quiz question and answered a poll regarding their views about watching videos to guide learning. A great benefit of this online tool is that interface is simple and clear. The class was clearly engaged and one student even commented that “it’s like Facebook!”. One thing to note is that students cannot change their answers in polls and quizzes once they have submitted their response, thus it emphasizes the need to double check and proof read before submission. This is a great tool to help guide student learning and encouraging students to be self-directed.


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