Grade 3 – Using Voicethread and Snackshare to Tell Stories in French

One of our fabulous French teachers in the Lower School recently used two tools called voicethread and snackshare to help her students share their French stories. The students first read the play L’arbre ungali (an African folktale) by Wendy Maxwell as part of the AIM program. After reading the play, students wrote a modified version of the play. They were required to create a character with a problem, develop a solution to the problem. They were also required to set the scene by describing the weather and location. Student then recorded their stories using voicethread; click here for an example. Using voicethread allowed for them to practice their oral French, gain a sense of pride in hearing their own story narrated as well as provided a medium for the teacher to assess her student’s work. Lastly, the teacher typed up their stories and created an online story book using snackshare; click here for an example. This tool allows for publication of student work as well as a quick way to share their work with their parents. The parents enjoyed hearing their child speaking in French and the students were proud to publish their work in two different ways. Using these two online (and free) tools, students were encouraged to be creative and gain a sense of pride while practicing their written and spoken French.

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