Custom Online Newspaper:

A few years ago, I came across which is a site that allows you to create an online custom newspaper. I had tested it out, created a newspaper; however, without a purpose in mind my daily paper didn’t develop into something significant. Now, as a Technology Coordinator, I have a better idea of how it can be used to enhance teaching and learning.

When you sign up, you start with a blank newspaper. You are then able to populate your newspaper with articles from published sources such as newspapers, websites, twitter feed etc. You are also able to filter news sources by key words. This allows for a fully customized and tailor newspaper. even has a quick link that you can bookmark which allows you to add articles to your paper with two clicks.

Teachers could easily create their own and populate it with articles regarding their subject matter or course. Students can read these articles and post comments on the This allows it to become an area of discussion tailored just for you students.

Students can create their own in order to aggregate news stories on topics that interest them or as a space to aggregate sources for research assignments.

I have created a which aggregates articles and stories I believe are valuable for educators passionate and interested in integrating technology in their classrooms. Check it out!

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