Brand Loyalty is Dead

The idea of “brand loyalty” in the world of technology seems to be dying. Although you still see Apple fanatics lining up on release days just to get their device before everyone else, I think over time, savvy tech user will not see a need to be loyal to their tech brands. Here is why:

We are a generation of multi-platform, multi-device, multi-software users. We use tools to sync with all types of software, browsers, devices and platforms. So why be loyal to just one brand if you can have your cake and eat it too?

My philosophy is that there is no one right answer for tech brands. There are optimal tools that cross the boundaries of platform and device. Choose a set of tools that can transcend device and platform… this will decrease technological clutter and increase efficiency / productivity.

I used an awesome online tool ( to create a brainstorm of platforms, devices and tools that I use. This just scratches the surface but certainly shows that not being loyal to a tech brand will actually allow for picking and choosing the best of the best.

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