BYOD and a new technology called Keepod

Today’s article in Co.Design describes a product that can store your computer on a card. According to this article, people often stored their Linus OS on a USB stick for easy access to their computers when they are using shared devices. Although the article postulates that carrying your OS on a USB stick could be out the door with the advent of prevalent mobile technology, there could still be a significant use of Keepod – the card like device that that houses your computer made for the average consumer. Check out the video below:

Keepod, a new way to live your technology from keepod on Vimeo.

Many schools are going in the direction of BYOD. There’s been a lot of experimentation with this model – some schools choose if they want to allow students to bring anydevice, bring any laptop, bring any PC or bring any Mac. What would happen if students all had a Keepod which contained their OS and files which would essentially allow them to work on any device? Here are two thoughts as to how I think this could be used:

  • students could keep a device at school and use a separate device at home – both used with their Keepod
  • school’s can keep a bank of devices accessible and student’s sign out any device to use with their Keepod

On the flip side, many students and schools are using cloud based tools which increase collaboration and accessibility across devices. Would having a Keepod actually be helpful or would it not get used? Even while writing this post, I am unsure as to what other implications it could have and how it could better student learning…I do think this is a neat device to keep in mind while pondering the impact of technology on education and learning.

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