Infographics for Teaching and Learning

Infographics for Learning

The infographic created below was for a project in World Issues class about Genocide. In previous years, students have written essays on the topic; however, this year we decided to try something new. The result was amazing. We underestimate how challenging it is for students to take large amounts of information and transform it into a visual diagram. This was the greatest learning outcome of this project: filtering data, distilling data and choosing visual tools to represent the bite-sized pieces of information. To create the infographics, we used an online tool called Piktochart and asked students to use their design knowledge to modify the templates. The “behind the scenes” work included research, note taking and creating a bibliography. The final product was an informative visual display which we later printed to display in the hallways.

Kailey Piktochart Final

Infographics for Teaching

The infographics below can be used in the classroom to aid teaching. The visual representation of information and easy to digest information make infographics valuable posters for the classroom.

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