3 Questions To Ask About Your EdTech and Innovation Program


Approximately 10-15 years ago, educators began incorporating the first personal computers into curricula ad hoc and without defined and integrative strategies. Although this might have worked in some cases, many schools are now realizing that greater strategic implementation needs to occur in relation to integrating technology.

Now, technology has, in many cases, outpaced educational norms and practices and led to perceived conflict between the two. SET was created to rationalize and harmonize the relationship between technology and education to the better of the academic community. Our services catalyze the academic integration of technology and support institutions’ development of mission and vision plans to leverage technology effectively.

Here are 3 big picture questions administrators can use to evaluate their edtech and innovation programs:

1. Ask all types of stakeholders (students, parents, other administrators, teachers, and board members) about what they think their school’s edtech and innovation program’s current purpose and mission is. Now ask yourself: are their responses about the program in line with your school’s broader mission, vision, and growth plan? Do their answers reflect the work that is currently being done at your school? Do their answers reflect your growth plan?

2. Does your school have a 2-4 year growth plan associated with edtech and innovation? If not, it’s time to create one! If you do have a growth plan, how often is it reviewed? A growth plan for edtech and innovation should be reviewed every year (before creating the following year’s budget). This will allow for program modifications related to emerging technology (be sure to conduct ample research to ensure that your school is implementing long-term best practice in technology and not just current trends), deletions of irrelevant technology, and changes to the program timeline based on available resources.

3. How does your school communicate about the edtech and innovation program to students, parents, administrators, board members, and the greater community? How often are communications generated? It is crucial that these innovative programs be represented in communication materials to inform the community and allow it to share your vision.

Evaluating and reviewing an edtech and innovation program is challenging; however, doing so will help to significantly improve its relevance and value to your school. The first step is to gain clarity on what key stakeholders see as your program, create a growth plan (if one doesn’t already exist), and ensure regular communication about how your school is innovating.

For more information on developing your edtech and innovation program, please feel free to contact us at urvi@strategicedtech.com

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