What is your edtech and innovation mission?


SET was formed in August 2016; we started by doing a great deal of work to relay our story through our mission.

Our mission is: To provide strategic leadership, advisory, and implementation services that: inspire LEADERS to make informed edtech decisions; empower EDUCATORS to be educational innovators; and equip STUDENTS to lead their generation forward.

Edtech and innovation are such large, integrated, and overarching fields within any organization that it’s helpful to have a unique but wholly-relevant mission to drive this meaningful work. This mission should mirror and enable the larger enterprise-wide mission. Regardless of the level of edtech and innovation program maturity at a given organization, devoting time to generating an authoritative mission statement will orient your workforce with a strategic direction and allow them to better understand the relevance of, fulfill, and potentially exceed enterprise short and long term goals.

Today we ask you, what is your organization’s mission for edtech and innovation? Answering these three questions will help your leadership team develop its mission:

  1. What are your organization’s short and long term goals?
  2. What are your edtech and innovation program’s short and long term goals and how do they support they enterprise’s goals?
  3. What inspires and drives your organization to be innovative?

Both in theory and practice, successful edtech and innovation programs are active, dynamic, and agile. Therefore, a mission statement will help to anchor daily innovation to develop consistency and thus allow for greater achievement of enterprise goals. Once a shared edtech and innovation mission statement is developed, remember to revisit your statement and the questions above periodically to ensure consistency and relevance.

For more information or guidance on developing your edtech and innovation mission statements, please email us at: contactus@strategicedtech.com

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