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Welcome to my blog! I am an experienced educator and life long learner. I completed my Master of Education at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology with a research focus on integrating robotics into curriculum.  I am currently the Director of Educational Technology and Innovation which involves teaching teachers the skills and knowledge to integrate technology seamlessly into their curriculum and developing the Edtech team to fulfill the school’s vision of educational technology and innovation. I work collaboratively with administrators, teachers and students  to ensure best practice in relation to technology. In a world where technology is exponentially relied on in almost all facets of life, I believe it is imperative that teachers and students know how to utilize technology in a productive, effective and informed manner. We must work hard to find the most effective ways in which educational technology can be tailored to meet the needs of students, teachers and curriculum.


“And at the same time that this massive penetration of the technology is taking place, there is a social movement afoot with great relevance for the politics of education. There is an increasing disillusion with traditional education. Some people express this by extreme action, actually withdrawing their children from schools and choosing to educate them at home. For most, there is simply the gnawing sense that schools simply aren’t doing the job anymore. I believe that these two trends can come together in a way that would be good for children, for parents, and for learning. This is through the construction of educationally powerful computational environments that will provide alternatives to traditional classrooms and traditional instruction.”


Papert, S. (1981) Mindstorms: Children, Computers and Powerful Ideas. NY: Basic Books.

Dr. Seymour Papert wrote the excerpt above in the 80s; however, it is powerfully relevant and poignant for our society today. The last sentence in particular eludes to the greater need for educators to not only be technologically savvy but also be able to integrate technology into curriculum to meet a variety of learners.

Urvi Shah

Director of Educational Technology and Innovation


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